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Oval nut

A variety of executions from one single source

Upon request we offer our customers all our nuts also in diverse special forms like for example oval nuts.

You can obtain oval nuts with Vöhrs Verbindungstechnik (connection technology) in various versions. We produce thread sizes of M2,5 to M12 (1/8" to 5/16") at a length of 10,00 to 200,00 mm and material widths of 5,00 to 40,00 mm. The most different material strengths of 1,30 to 8,00 mm are available according to the requirement.

We offer our oval nuts in a variety of materials: beginning with hard steel over stainless steel up to brass. You can choose between flat and profiled execution.

Concerning the surfaces, upon desire, you can decide between a simple blank surface or different surface finishings. We finish our surfaces with all galvanic coatings, thermal galvanization (TZN) and zinc flake coating.

Application possibilities in practice

Nuts as connection elements are practically used everywhere: in the range of the automotive industry, logistics, building construction, mechanical engineering, timber construction and also in the electrotechnology.

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Oval nuts | Technical data

M2,5-M12, 1/8"-5/16"
Lengths: 10,00-over 200,00mm
Material widths: 5,00-40,00mm
Material strenghts: 1,30-8,00mm
Materials: steel, stainless steel, brass, in flat or profiled execution
Surfaces: blank, all galvanic coatings, thermally galvanized (TZN), zinc flake coating, further surface treatments on request

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