History of Vöhrs

Vöhrs BmbH & Co. KG

The company Vöhrs GmbH & Co. KG Verbindungstechnik (connection technology) was founded in 1949 by Ernst Vöhrs and its stepson Wilfried Alexander in Kierspe in the Sauerland region. In the middle of the seventies of the previous century the production was switched to stamped nuts – an industry which offers even today a lot of potential.

To be able to respond to the rapidly increasing demand, in 1990 the production building was generously extended, thus new room for the production was created.

In the middle of the nineties, the production lines were supplemented with reasonable products and thus adapted to the current requirements. At the same time the production was enlarged to parts having up to an endless number of threads. In 2006 Mattias Alexander entered the company as a further managing director. Two years later the buildings were again enlarged.

For more than 60 years the company Vöhrs has been an innovative, flexible and competent partner for its customers. A customer-oriented action is taken for granted with the company Vöhrs. A highest degree of quality and a professional service allowed us to become one of the leading international producers of nuts and stamping parts.

Contact data

Vöhrs GmbH & Co. KG
Neuebrücke 1
D-58566 Kierspe

Fon: +49 23 59 . 70 11
Fax: +49 23 59 . 29 13 31

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