Quality assurance of Vöhrs

Quality assurance

Quality is our strength. We are innovative, flexible and competent. We take the word "delivery reliability" serious and take care that each article reaches our customers punctually. With an experience of 50 years we are a reliable partner. Thereby a basic element for us is not only to fulfill your requirements but also to exceed them.

We exclusively produce our nuts "Made in Germany" to be able to grant an optimal quality. Thanks to innovation and know-how we became one of the leading international producers of nuts and stamping parts. Thereby all products and services are always meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.

To be able to respond to all the requirements, we offer you, in addition to the common square nuts and hexagon nuts, manifold special forms like contact nuts for the electronics industry provided with a fluting, waffle pattern and/or lifted edges or corners or oval nuts and pointed nuts for many different applications.

In addition to all galvanic- and thermal coatings we offer to our customers also the newest Decomet- and Geomet coatings to ensure an optional corrosion protection of your products. These coatings are very well suited for big as well as for small parts with a simple and complex geometry. The Geomet coatings are particularly used as standard product for fastening parts worldwide. Geomet and Dacromet ensure maximum protection with minimal coat thickness.

Quality orientation determines our thinking and our actions in each individual process. The quality of our processes creates the basis for a systematic and continuous improvement. So our quality becomes the driving force for the constant increase in our performance.

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