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Steel nuts

The advantages of steel at a glance:

  • High strength
  • Optimal corrosion behaviour
  • Easy formability
  • Recyclable
  • Good heat resistance

Material selection steel nuts:

According to the wishes of our customers we offer all our nuts as, for example, square- and hexagon nuts, rhombus nuts and all other special forms in different materials. Thus you can obtain all nuts also as steel nuts.

Metallic alloys which major component is iron and which carbon content lies between 0,01 % and 2,06 % are named steel. Each iron, which is forgeable without adding other substances, is considered as steel.

The advantages of this material are its strength, the optimal corrosion behaviour and its easy formability.

Steel plays a major role in the technology. In the Register of European Steels 2.300 steel types are listed. Steels are the most commonly used metallic materials. By alloying with carbon and other alloying elements in combination with heat- and thermo-mechanical treatment, steel is produced out of raw iron.

Steel nuts are used wherever a high strength and optimal corrosion behaviour have to be guaranteed, for example in the mechanical engineering, toolmaking or the electrotechnology. Moreover the steel nuts are characterized by a good heat resistance and they are environmental-friendly, because they can be recycled.

Steel can relatively easily be brought into complex forms. Thus steel nuts can be produced by Vöhrs without requiring major effort. The hardness of the material gives the steel nuts a very high strength whereby these can be used for a multitude of applications as connection elements.

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