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Galvanic coatings

According to customers wishes galvanic coatings are applied to our nuts as corrosion protection.

The kind of the galvanic coatings is indicated in abbreviations as follows:
Example: A2F

A = Code letter for coating material (table 1), in this case zinc
2 = Code number for layer thickness (table 2), in this case 5 µm
F = Code letter for the gloss level and the finishing treatment (table 3), in this case blank, bluish.

Table 1: Coating metal

Abbreviation Element Code name
Zn Zinc A
Cd Cadmium B
Cu Copper C
CuZn Copper-Zinc D
Ni b Nickel E
Ni b Cr r Nickel-Chrom F
CuNi b Copper-Nickel G
CuNi b CR r Copper-Nickel-Chrom H
Sn Tin J
CuSn Copper-Tin K
Ag Silver L
CuAg Copper-Silver N
ZnNi Zinc-Nickel P
ZnCo Zinc-Cobalt Q
ZnFe Zinc-Iron R

Table 2: Layer thickness (µm)

One coating metal Two coating metals Code number
No layer thickness indicated - 0
3 - 1
5 2+3 2
8 3+5 3
10 4+6 9
12 4+8 4
15 5+10 5
20 8+12 6
25 10+15 7
30 12+18 8

Table 3: gloss level and finishing treatment

Gloss level
Process group Colour
matt A colourless
B matt B bluish
C matt C yellowish
D matt D olive
E blank A colourless
F blank B bluish
G blank C yellowish
H blank D olive
J bright A colourless
K bright B bluish
L bright C yellowish
M bright D olive
P/U optional like B, C or D without chromating
R matt F/Bk black
S blank F/Bk black
T bright F/Bk black

Galvanic coatings are realized by means of current. This is passed through an electrolytic bath. At the positive pole there is the metal which has to be applied, like for example zinc or nickel. At the minus pole there is the object which has to be coated. By means of the electrical current, metal ions are released from the consumable electrode and are deposited by reduction on the product. Thus the item which has to be finished is coated evenly all-side. The longer an object is in the electrolytic bath and the higher the electrical current is, the thicker the metal layer becomes.

Upon request you receive all nuts of Vöhrs for protection of corrosion with all galvanic coatings.

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