Zinc flake coating | Dacromet


The advantages of the Dacromet technology at a glance:

  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Resistance against automotive fluids
  • Ductility
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Heat resistance
  • Overpaintablility
  • Penetration capability
  • In thin layers
  • Non-electrolytic
  • With or without selflubrication
  • Water based
  • Patented chemistry
  • Passivation by chromium-oxide binder
  • Metallic silver coloured
  • Excellent behaviour at the assembly of parts and at multiple screwing
  • Good resistance against mechanical damage

Dacromet surface treatments:

Dacromet is an inorganic firmly adhesive coating out of zinc- and aluminium flakes in a chromate connection. This coating is appropriate for high corrosion requirements. Dacromet is particularly suited for thin layer thicknesses. Thus the procedure is used in the automotive industry for screwing elements. It characterizes moreover by a good heat resistance with a low friction coefficient. The danger of a hydrogen embrittlement does not exist.

Because of the general avoidance of hydrogen embrittlement the environmental procedure is widely used at the coating of connection elements and safety components in the automotive industry.

The application of Dacromet is effected in a cold immersion procedure in aqueous solutions or by spraying. The Dacromet layer is thereby applied by means of an aqueous dispersion of chromated zinc flakes in a dip-spin process, dried and subsequently burned in at about 300 °C.

This is an environment-friendly spinning process. The products obtain a chemical and mechanical pre-treatment by means of degreasing and blasting. Then thin, non electrolytic layers are applied – composed out of zinc- and aluminium flakes in an organic matrix. Hereby a coating passivated throughout the whole layer with an excellent corrosion resistance occurs. In the form of single- or multilayers, layer thicknesses of 4 to 8 µm have to be obtained.

Dacromet offers an excellent protection for (small) fixing parts. The procedure provides for a maximal protection with its minimal layer thickness.

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