Zinc flake coating | Geomet


The advantages of the Geomet-technology at a glance:

  • Is offered as chromium-free alternative to Dacromet
  • Consists of zinc- and aluminium flakes in a silicium-oxide matrix
  • Does not contain any heavy metals
  • Can be applied by cold immersion procedure and spraying
  • Is in its version, without cover layer, aluminium grey
  • Final colour can be determined by additional cover layer
    - Coloured sliding means
    - Additional coating

Geomt surface treatments:

The Geomet technology offers an environment-friendly alternative to the traditional coating or galvanizing of smaller metal products. At the Geomet technology a zinc-aluminium flake coating is applied to the component. This application is chromium-free and is effected in a cold immersion procedure or by spraying.

Hereby no hydrogen embrittlement occurs and thus a coating passivated throughout the whole layer with an excellent anti-corrosion protection results. This corrosion resistance is dependent from the applied layer thickness.

Oil and grease are removed from the products by centrifuging one after the other. After that they are subjected to alkaline degreasing, are jetted and dried. The chemical pre-treatment and the blasting are the basis for a good adhesion. Then the real coating procedure begins. According to customers wishes two or three layers are applied. The Geomet procedure is chromium-free and fulfills the newest EU-Guidelines.

Geomet is ideally suited for industries which require highly efficient anti-corrosion performances with thin layers. Geomet products are completely chromium-free and are suited for the protection of a variety of metallic surfaces. The coatings are ideally suited for big as well as for small parts with a simple or complex geometry. Particularly the Geomet-coatings are used as standard parts for fixing parts worldwide.

Many customers use Geomet as chromium-free alternative to Dacromet.

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