Nuts material selection | Brass nuts

Brass nuts

The advantages of brass at a glance:

  • Retarded corrosion
  • Hardness
  • Surface treatment possible
  • Wear resistant
  • Anti-magnetic

Material selection brass nuts:

To fulfill the requirements of our customers, we offer all our nuts like for example square nuts and hexagon nuts, rhombus nuts and all special forms in different materials. Thus you can obtain all nuts also as brass nuts.

Brass is one of the three most famous copper alloys to which belong also bronze and gunmetal. Different brass types like cast alloys and forging alloys have in common that their base are copper and zinc. Depending on the required properties accompanying elements can be alloyed, whereby lead is most strongly represented.

Messing nuts are a little bit harder than pure copper, however not as hard as bronze. The melting point is lower than that of bronze and reduces with the increasing zinc proportion.

There is no gas content of the melts which reduces the quality of the castings in contrast to copper or aluminium.

Brass nuts have a retarded corrosion and therefore can be used well in the water sector. Brass nuts are nearly as hard as steel nuts. The surfaces can be treated well and they are very wear- and corrosion resistant. Moreover the material, in contrast to for example iron, is anti-magnetic and is thus generally not influenced by magnetic fields.

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