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Aluminium nuts

The advantages of aluminium at a glance:

  • Low density
  • Low weight
  • Can be pressed in an uncomplicated manner
  • Good electrical conductor

Material selection aluminium nuts:

To fulfill all requirements of our customers we offer all our nuts, like for example square nuts and hexagon nuts, rhombus nuts and all special forms in different materials. Thus you can receive all nuts as aluminium nuts.

Aluminium is the third most common and the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. There it only appears in a chemically bound state because of its extensive reactive power.

Because of their low density, aluminium nuts are used wherever a low weight is important: for example in transport vehicles helping to reduce fuel burn, like in the aeronautics- and space industry. Also in the automotive industry over the years the material has become more and more important because of this reason. Moreover aluminium nuts are widespread in the aero plane industry and space technology.

Aluminium can relatively simply be formed in complicated profiles by extrusion presses. Thereby hollow profiles can be produced, which can be used in the automation technology or also the trade fair construction. In these profiles aluminium nuts of Vöhrs are used.

Aluminium is a good electrical conductor. Aluminium conducts current per gram mass better than copper but is more voluminous than copper. Because of the fact that copper is less reactive and the processing is less problematic than concerning aluminium, in the most cases copper is used; aluminium is only used if the weight is important.

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