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Stainless steel nuts

The advantages of stainless steel at a glance:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Weldable and processable
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Hygienic
  • Environment-friendly, because non-toxic
  • No microbial contamination
  • Recyclable, because can be melted down again
  • Low wear, almost maintenance-free
  • Smooth surface, no deposits
  • Highly resistant, thermally as well as mechanically
  • Light construction by low weight
  • Reliable, because not being liable to failure
  • Shiny surface

Material selection stainless steel nuts:

In order that you find the suitable nut for each requirement, we offer all our nuts as, like for example, square- and hexagon nuts, rhombus nuts and all special forms in different materials. Thus you can obtain all nuts as stainless steel nuts.

Stainless steel nuts are used wherever a high corrosion resistance has an absolute priority. Stainless steel is weldable and processable which makes it possible that it has a wide range of applications. Moreover stainless steel is hygienic and environment-friendly, because it is non-toxic.

Concerning stainless steel nuts no microbial contamination takes place, because nothing can deposit on the smooth surface. In addition the material is environment-friendly and recycable, because it can be melted down again. Stainless steel has a low wear and is thus almost maintenance-free.

A high resistance, as well thermally as also mechanically, is a great advantage of stainless steel nuts. A light construction is possible with stainless steel because of its only low weight. Further advantages, for example in the application range of architecture and design, are the shiny surface and noble look, which bring the products an image improvement.

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