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Zinc flake coating

An excellent surface treatment for protection against corrosion is the zinc flake coating. This procedure includes the Geomet- and Dacromet- technology.

As zinc flake coating the Geomet technology represents an environmental-friendly alternative to the traditional coating of small metal parts. Here a zinc-aluminium-flake coating is applied on the component. This is done by a cold immersion procedure in aqueous solution or by spraying and is chromium-free. Thus the Geomet technology is already used by many customers as chromium-free alternative to Dacromet.

Geomet products are suited for the protection of a variety of metallic surfaces. This zinc flake coating is used in the industry, when a high-performance corrosion protection with thin layers is required. The coating can be used without problems at big and small components, which are used with a simple or complex geometry. Geomet-coatings are used worldwide as standard product for fixing parts.

The second kind of zinc-flake coating, which Vöhrs realizes for its customers, is the Dacromet-technology. This offers an excellent protection against corrosion for (small) fixing articles by a coating of zinc and aluminium flakes in a chromate connection.

The zinc-flake coating Dacromet is an inorganic, firmly adhering coating out of zinc- and aluminium flakes in a chromate connection. This is particularly suited for thin layer thicknesses and is appropriated for high corrosion demands. Moreover this kind of zinc flake coating convinces with a good heat resistance and a low friction coefficient. Thus the procedure is often used in the automobile industry for screwing elements.

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